Imagine your favorite character barging into your room this moment, grabbing your hand, and taking you with them into their world

Lets be honest though most of us would be dead within a week

But it would be a bloody brilliant week

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Zodiac Leo, Don’t Make Them Feel…


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Isn’t it amazing how nobody ever listens to Elrond


will no one think of elrond


everyone’s asleep in the house and i am slowly suffocating because ALSO HIS DAD IS A STAR AND HIS MOM TURNED INTO A BIRD


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this looks like a trailer for a romantic comedy where gandalf is the beautiful protagonist who must choose which attractive leading man he wants to end up with

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*incredulous voice* mERRY CHRISTMAS????? WHAT ABOUT PIPPIN CHRISTMAS?????  

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And so it begins..

So I was talking to one of my younger sisters about this last night. We both knew this scene was coming, but the wording of “Orc mutant” had surprised me. You don’t really hear the word mutant thrown around in high fantasy very often! But my sis is the LoTR master (a step below Stephen Colbert), and she reminded me that Orcs are mutants. They’re elves that have been mutilated and warped into an entirely different species. So Legolas is saying that Gimli is an Orc TWICE OVER. Vicious.

But man, this just gets me even more hyped thinkin’ about their friendship in LoTR. I think it’s one of the most important plots going on in the series, and it perfectly fits into the overall theme of small acts of kindness and love being more powerful than hatred. 

I mean, we go from this

To this

Their friendship undoes centuries and generations worth of built-up hatred and mistrust between their races. Hatred that was passed on from their fathers and forefathers. And after the War of the Ring? They went back and rebuilt their kingdoms together, and Legolas invited Gimli to cross the sea into the Undying Lands. 

It may not be the most important story going on in this series, but it’s my personal favorite.

Actually, I can argue that - for this day and age - their is the most important story to come out of Tolkien’s writings:

  1. that we have more in common than we think
  2. that if we only open up our minds then our hearts will follow
  3. that wars are the product of selfishness, greed and/or lust
  4. that love and friendship can transcend race and culture
  5. that we can live in harmony if we only decide we will

Then again, I’m a romantic and an idealist who believes that people can change if they really want to, and that ‘ordinary’ people have the power to change the world. What do I know compared to all the highly educated and cultured, worldly, powerful people of this world, right?  *sigh*

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messin with sai… it turned into johndave oops

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Mom, I can’t save during a battle!

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Favorite Character From Avatar The Last Airbender.


Oh hey, just letting you know that my blog is still Iroh Appreciation Station.

favorite character from anything ever


even when i first started watching the show and Iroh became my favorite character even if he was in the “bad guys side” he still manage to be likable. 

But Iroh was so fucking wonderful.  Even in the beginning Iroh was there to show that the bad guys weren’t all bad.  People point at the Footloose episode as the one that showed that the fire nation weren’t just bad guys, but Iroh had been doing that since episode one.

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the greatest plot twist in history of manga

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imagine if people were born with traits based on their zodiac signs so like aries had ram horns and hoofs like a satyr and shit how rad would that be

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